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Day 64 [Jan. 23rd, 2006|09:22 pm]
Alex Morris
Someone needs to write this down, someone needs to know what happened. I know I'm not the best for this, but it has to be done. Most of the story is known, but I'm going to start from the begining.

It began over two months ago. Well, it probably began before that, but that’s when it got bad.

There were reports over the news about a man in Russia who killed his family, by apparently mauling them. No one noticed until at least a week later, when they called the police due to the smell coming from it.

The surviving officer (of the two that arrived one the scene at first) told a story of how when they arrived, the knocked on the door, only to get no answer. The other guy went in, and didn’t come out. Going in minutes later, he saw the officer on the suspect eating the body of the officer.

Not knowing what to do, he ran out, locked the door, and called for backup. Minutes later, a large number of officers, and a news crew arrived on the scene and went in.

The pictures that came back were beyond belief.

Everything was covered in blood. The camera guy slipped on the tiles and fell down, taking his camera with him. What he captured was the woman of the house under a table, with her hand out almost reaching for him.

He scrambled back and ran outside. What followed next were screams and gunshots, then the picture cut out.

That was only the first of it. Reports of similar attacks came in from around the world.

It was all the news would show. Attacks in the US, then in France, and a dozen other places.

Then it hit here in Australia.

I guess I should have seen it coming. We all should have, but I guess watching it on the news kind of put a false spin on things. Everything was so far away.

It was over there, in their parks, in their streets. Then it was in ours.

The first outbreak was announced in Perth. A patient checked into a hospital, where he was legally pronounced dead. Hours later, one of the orderlies heard a noise coming from the morgue, and when he went to investigate, found it was coming from inside the draws.

It’s not hard to guess that he opened it up, and was attacked. It soon spread to everyone in the hospital.

The police quarantined the area, but it wasn’t enough. For every one of those things killed, two more would pop up behind it. The police forces were decimated.

The Prime Minister ordered the army in, but that wasn’t enough. More cases popped up around Australia. Soon enough, he instituted a police where anyone could shoot anyone who appeared crazed. And if it turned out that he wasn’t? Then who cares, he’s dead anyone.

Guns became a hot commodity. Anyone who had them was in charge. You learnt fast to keep on your toes; otherwise you’d be one of them, or just another body on the ground with a bullet in your head.

I figure that the reason things are so bad now is because of everyone killing everyone during the riots.

Not long after the started, the news services went down. Not surprising, seeing as how they were in the heart of the cities. Radio kept up, especially the AM band. There are a few pirate stations around now.

It’s a God Send to wake up, and hear that you are not the last one around.
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